• Beef Marinade: Guaranteed Deliciousness - Ingredients
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    Beef Marinade: Guaranteed Deliciousness

      The perfect beef marinade can really change your dinner game.  With our busy and stressful schedules, the last thing we need to add on our plates – pun intended =P – is to worry about “what’s for dinner?”  This beef marinade requires little prep, cooks in 10 minutes, pairs wonderfully with practically anything, and provides guaranteed deliciousness. What you’ll…

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    Kato: Simple Elevated

    The 10-course tasting menu at Kato is chef’s Jon Yao’s interpretation of Asian American on a plate.  His constantly rotating menu inspired by seasonal flavours is a nod to Los Angeles, Taiwanese, and Japanese fare.  Food and Wine Magazine awarded Chef Jon Yao the Best New Chef in 2018.  He also received a nomination for a Rising Star from the James…

  • Uncle John's Cafe: The Ultimate Diner
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    Uncle John’s Cafe: The Ultimate Diner

    When it comes to Uncle John’s Cafe, we’re always down.  Uncle John’s Cafe is an iconic DTLA diner since 1968 serving up incredible American-Chinese fare.  With reasonable prices, laid-back vibes, delicious food, and quick service, you literally can’t go wrong with this place.  From experience, as repeat offenders at Uncle John’s, it has always delivered.   Busy but Chill Diner…

  • ixlb Dimsum Eats: Yummy and Cheap Takeout
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    ixlb Dimsum Eats: Quick, Yummy, and Cheap Dim Sum Takeout

    It’ll be difficult to miss ixlb Dimsum Eats with the massive xiao long bao cartoon mural on Sunset and Bronson.  If you’re looking for a quick, yummy, and cheap dim sum takeout, you definitely got to hit up this spot.  With their modern delivery on classic dim sum staples, ixlb Dimsum Eats introduces an interesting concept of dim sum takeout.   ixlb…

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    Niya Sushi: Sushi Roll Heaven

    The hour-plus drive from Santa Monica to Huntington Beach was soon forgotten after my first bite at Niya Sushi.  This unassuming Japanese joint located in the middle of a random mall complex in Huntington Beach leads to sushi roll heaven.  Its great atmosphere, friendly and smiley staff, quick service, well-priced menu, fresh sushi, quality food, and incredible sushi rolls made…

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    Majordomo LA: Ugly Delicious or Nah?

      Majordomo is David Chang’s newest restaurant in LA.  As a huge fan of David Chang, the culinary gangster of Netflix, tasting “Ugly Delicious” was a must!   First Impressions Nestled within an industrialized jungle of rundown buildings and warehouses, Majordomo shines bright like a diamond.  The crowd’s humming vibe alongside the facade’s nod to LA’s graffiti street art and…

  • Baked Salmon: Honey Garlic and Mustard
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    Baked Salmon: Honey Garlic and Mustard

        Salmon is at its best during summer time.  Baked salmon is one of the easiest, quickest, and delicious way to enjoy it.  In under 30-minutes, this Baked Salmon: Honey Garlic and Mustard dish will be ready to impress.  The flavors of honey, garlic, dijon mustard, spices, and herbs are a perfect combination.  Its bright flavors enhance and highlight the…

  • Make your own Poke Bowls

    Poke Bowls: The Quick, Cheap, and Lazy Way

    Poke bowls are one of the most versatile and flexible meals out there.  Easily customizable to anyone’s dietary needs or according to one’s desires of that day, you simply can’t go wrong.  With the thousands of different combinations, you can literally create a unique meal every time. As much as I love poke bowls, each meal can get quite pricey. …

  • Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss
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    Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss

    Intermittent fasting (IF) has been a consistent buzzword within the health and fitness realm.  While it offers weight loss results and promotes a healthy lifestyle, what exactly is intermittent fasting?   What is Intermittent Fasting (IF)? Intermittent fasting is an EATING PATTERN.  It is a scheduled eating pattern that cycles between “fasting periods” and “eating periods”.  There are a number…

  • Chocolate Muffins
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    Chocolate Muffins: 10-Ingredients in under 100 Calories

      Growing up, I’ve always leaned towards salty snacks.  It was all about the chips all day, every day.  However, as of late, my sweet tooth cravings have increased exponentially.  Thus, I needed to figure out a way to curb these sweet cravings without completely breaking the scales.  These 10-ingredient chocolate muffins under 100 calories are the perfect answer.  …

  • Corn Chowder a la Panera Bread
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    Corn Chowder a la Panera Bread

        One of the things I love about spring and summer-time is corn season!!!  You can easily get corn anywhere and they are super sweet at this time of the year.  Although it’s starting to get warm, one of my boyfriend’s favorite thing to eat at this time is corn chowder.  He absolutely loves this soup.  When he first…

  • Sweet and Spicy Ground Beef with Mushrooms
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    Sweet and Spicy Ground Beef Recipe

        Everyone has that patented go-to quick and easy recipe for when they’re tight on time for dinner.  And this one is mine!  My Sweet and Spicy Ground Beef recipe has never failed me.  It always manages to deliver an amazing meal every time.  Its simplicity makes it very versatile.  It can be paired with so many different vegetables,…

  • Sweet Plantain, Apple, Sausage Hash
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    Sweet Plantain Hash

        I woke up this morning thinking I’d have a simple toast for breakfast. As I was grabbing the bread, I noticed a lone sweet plantain sticking out of my fruit basket. In 2 seconds flat, I grabbed a gala apple right beside it and a piece of chicken sausage from the fridge. I quickly shifted gears and off…

  • Greek Yogurt Fruit Bark
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    Greek Yogurt Fruit Bark a Healthy Snack

        Trust me but this healthy Greek yogurt fruit bark will definitely become a part of your healthy snack rotation.  It’s super easy to make, needs few ingredients, healthy and most importantly amazingly delicious.   Lovin’ me some Greek Yogurt Benefits There are so many different types of yogurts these days.  With so many kinds to choose from, my…