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This is 32! Happy Birthday to Me


Yesterday was a special day for me.  I turned the big 3-2.  Turning 32 isn’t necessarily a traditional big milestone that most people celebrate.  Especially after you reach a certain age, a birthday just becomes any other day.  No special than the day before or the day after.  But this birthday was definitely a MILESTONE for me in so many ways…

Me! 32 years baby


Getting to this point…

My 20’s were very experimental, free-spirited, uninhibited – and I had an AWESOME time.  However, I was still very self-conscious, unsure of who I was, and at times uncomfortable in my own skin.  My actions were dictated by people’s views and approval from others was paramount to me.  I was so consumed by others opinions and how I was perceived that I forgot the importance of listening to my own and prioritizing my happiness.  Adulting is hard enough as it is, plus going through the most devastating heartbreak – I simply felt completely emotionally drained.

I remember turning 30 and thinking that life has reached its peak and it’s all downhill from then.  But when you least expect it, something or someone shows up in your life that helps you not only see the pieces better but help you put them together.  This is when I met my boyfriend, my best friend, and partner in crime.  He came into my life just in time and at the right time.  He reminded me of how special I was and that I deserved nothing less than the best.  Not only does he make me the best person that I can be, he constantly challenges me and teaches me to always do more.  Most importantly, he has shown me that happiness is supreme.

While I can’t claim that I’ve figured everything out, nor am I close to, on my 32nd birthday I can honestly say that I’m finally making decisions towards a happy me and a happy life.  I’m constantly learning new ways to adapt, to evolve, and most importantly to improve.  I look forward to all the new challenges, experiences, and adventures this year has to offer.  This is 32 and it feels amazing!

My boyfriend Serge and I

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