ixlb Dimsum Eats: Yummy and Cheap Takeout
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ixlb Dimsum Eats: Quick, Yummy, and Cheap Dim Sum Takeout

It’ll be difficult to miss ixlb Dimsum Eats with the massive xiao long bao cartoon mural on Sunset and Bronson.  If you’re looking for a quick, yummy, and cheap dim sum takeout, you definitely got to hit up this spot.  With their modern delivery on classic dim sum staples, ixlb Dimsum Eats introduces an interesting concept of dim sum takeout.


ixlb Dimsum Eats – Menu Items for $4.25 or $4.55

First off, ALL the items at ixlb Dimsum Eats are priced either at $4.25 or $4.55.  Cheap and great eats? I’m totes in!

The menu at ixlb Dimsum Eats offers an array of classic staple dim sum items.   From steamed dishes like har gow (shrimp dumplings), cha siu bao (honest roast pork bun), xiao long baos (soup dumplings), shrimp wontons, and siu mai.  They also have a nice selection of baked and fried goods like BBQ pork rolls, BBQ roast pork bun, pan-fried turnip cakes.

Vegetarians also have a number of items they can enjoy.  From pickled cucumbers, Chinese broccoli, veggie dumplings and buns, spring rolls, to scallion pancakes.  As for dessert, you can choose from black bean donuts, sesame balls, egg custard tarts, and so much more.  ixlb Dimsum Eats does a great job of covering all of dim sum’s classic favorites.


First Impressions

ixlb Dimsum Eats’ white walls and simple decor is very chic and inviting.  It’s super modern interior and clean lines offer a very different dim sum dining experience.  With a takeout-focused business model, this joint offers limited seating.  However, there are a couple of tables if you’d like to eat in.  There’s also some seating that wraps around the corner windows offering a nice street view.

Ordering food is very efficient.  You can either order through the counter or through one of their self-order i-pads.  It’s quick, easy, and streamlines the ordering process.  Within a couple of minutes, your order is ready to go.  In addition to their fast service, all the items were very fresh and piping hot.


My Favorite Dim sum Take Out Bites

Xiao Long Bao

With a name like ixlb Dimsum Eats, ordering the xiao long bao (aka soup dumplings) is inevitable.  Xiao long baos are delicate broth-filled pockets of steamed pork dumpling yumminess.  They are traditionally served on a bamboo basket fresh off of the steamer.  At ixlb Dimsum Eats, they’re individually served in little aluminum dumpling holders.  It also came with black vinegar which is an absolute must when tackling these pockets of goodness.  Although the skin of the baos was thicker than I’d prefer and lack the delicateness that I admire, the delicious soup broth certainly made up for it.  What makes this even better is you get 5 xlbs for the amazing price of $4.55.

ixlb Dimsum Eats: Quick, Yummy, and Cheap Takeout - Xiao Long Bao


Shrimp Wonton with Chili Oil

I was especially loving on the shrimp wontons.  Drenched with chili oil and topped with fresh green onions, I couldn’t get enough.  Stuffed with chunks of shrimp, despite the reasonable price, they didn’t skimp on the meat.  We ended up taking a batch to go and they held up really well for breakfast the day after.

ixlb Dimsum Eats: Quick, Yummy, and Cheap Takeout - Shrimp Wonton with Chili Oil


Siu Mai

Hands down, the best bite for me was the siu mai.  Bursting with pork and shrimp filling, these dumplings were so plump and juicy.  Just like how I like my siu mai.  It also came with a sweet soy sauce that was absolutely to die for.  I loved this sauce so much that I ended up asking for more and drizzling it on anything on site.

ixlb Dimsum Eats: Quick, Yummy, and Cheap Takeout - Siu Mai


Dim sum Takeout? Not such a bad idea!

At first, I was a little skeptical of the concept of dim sum takeout.  I guess all my life, I connected dim sum with a dining event, and not as a to-go option.  However, ixlb Dimsum Eats’ innovative and modern take on dim sum translates perfectly to the busy lives we all lead.  Sometimes, what we need is a quick, yummy, and cheap option – and ixlb Dimsum Eats is here just for that.


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