• Lockhart's Central Texas-Style Barbecue
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    Central Texas-Style Barbecue: Lockhart’s

      Experiencing the barbecue scene in Dallas, Texas was truly exciting and one that I have never experienced before.  Before I jetted off to Dallas, I thought it would be a good idea to educate myself on some Texas barbecue facts.  Within 30 minutes, I soon realized that it was way bigger and more complex than I thought.  I also came to the conclusion that I knew absolutely nothing about it.  So, I figured, I’ll start small and focus on a style, rather than tackling the impossible task of cramming Texas barbecue in a single blog post.   Central Texas-Style Barbecue Barbeque just like many cuisines isn’t homogenous.  There are plenty…

  • eggs
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    Eggs 101: 5 Must Know Egg Facts

      I literally can not have enough eggs in my life – for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even as a snack.  Eggs are delicious, protein-packed, cost-friendly, and most importantly very versatile.  They can be prepared in so many different ways, found in so many dishes, and used by all cultures all over the world.  Although I’ve eaten my fair share of eggs, I realized that I didn’t really know much about them.   Eggs Un-shelled 1. Shell color doesn’t matter Wait, what? Aren’t brown eggs healthier?  But they’re brown? I mean brown rice is healthier than white rice, right?  For years, I always opted to get the brown-shelled eggs thinking that they…