• Baked Salmon: Honey Garlic and Mustard
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    Baked Salmon: Honey Garlic and Mustard

        Salmon is at its best during summer time.  Baked salmon is one of the easiest, quickest, and delicious way to enjoy it.  In under 30-minutes, this Baked Salmon: Honey Garlic and Mustard dish will be ready to impress.  The flavors of honey, garlic, dijon mustard, spices, and herbs are a perfect combination.  Its bright flavors enhance and highlight the freshness of the salmon.   Salmon’s Benefits While salmon is delicious, it also has a lot of health benefits that should be noted. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids Excellent protein source High in B-vitamins Good source of potassium May reduce the risk of heart disease Aid in weight loss/weight control Boosts…

  • Greek Yogurt Fruit Bark
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    Greek Yogurt Fruit Bark a Healthy Snack

        Trust me but this healthy Greek yogurt fruit bark will definitely become a part of your healthy snack rotation.  It’s super easy to make, needs few ingredients, healthy and most importantly amazingly delicious.   Lovin’ me some Greek Yogurt Benefits There are so many different types of yogurts these days.  With so many kinds to choose from, my go-to favorite is always Greek yogurt.  I love it’s thicker, creamier texture.  It is delicious by itself or it can be used as an alternative ingredient for a number of recipes.  The versatility of Greek yogurt makes it one of the best dairy products. Greek yogurt is an excellent source of…