• Full Body Workout_Circuit for Beginners
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    Full Body Workout Plan

    I love free-styling most things in life.  However, when I’m hitting the gym, I prefer having a how-am-I-going-to-sweat-today plan.  This full body workout plan is perfect if you are a gym newbie, have weight loss goals or looking to get back in the gym.   Full Body Workout Plan Advantages Easy format to follow and take with you to the gym…

  • eating right for weight loss
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    Eating Right for Weight Loss

    Weight loss does not have to be complicated.  However, you do need to be strategic, knowledgeable, and conscious of eating right for weight loss.  Most of all, understanding calories and how they affect your body is very important.  If the main goal is to lose weight, eating unlimited calories will simply not work.  It is vital that you pick foods…

  • Pesto Veggie Pasta Salad
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    Pesto Veggie Pasta Salad

        My pesto veggie pasta salad is veggies first and packed with great pesto flavor.  If you’re watching your weight like me and trying to limit “bad” carbs but sometimes still craving it, this recipe is perfect!  With only under 250 calories per serving, you can satisfy your “bad” carbs cravings while loading up with great fresh veggies.  The key to this recipe is…

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    Barley Lentil Soup with Chicken Sausage

        The weather has been pretty gloomy the last couple of days.  Automatically, my mind goes straight to comfort food – a nice warm bowl of soup.  I wanted to make something that was easy, quick, delicious and of course healthy.  As of late, I’ve been way obsessed with barley.  I was inspired and wanted to try out this barley…

  • 5 ingredient banana bread
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    Easy and Healthy Banana Bread Recipe

        This banana bread recipe has bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S, and only 5 ingredients total.  The motto in our household growing up is, “a banana a day keeps the doctor away”.  I would eat it plain, in cereal, dried, as chips, with oatmeal, turned into fritters, or rolled into a spring wrapper, dusted with brown sugar, then pan-fried (called Turon).  My…

  • eggs
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    Eggs 101: 5 Must Know Egg Facts

      I literally can not have enough eggs in my life – for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even as a snack.  Eggs are delicious, protein-packed, cost-friendly, and most importantly very versatile.  They can be prepared in so many different ways, found in so many dishes, and used by all cultures all over the world.  Although I’ve eaten my fair share of…

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    Water: A Tool for Weight Loss

      Weight loss itself is hard enough.  But one thing we can all do is drink more water!  In all my previous failed attempts at losing weight in the past, I’ve always focused solely on exercise and diet, never on water.  While the first two are very important, water intake definitely has a lot of positive benefits that are sometimes either ignored…

  • my 32nd birthday cake
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    This is 32! Happy Birthday to Me

      Yesterday was a special day for me.  I turned the big 3-2.  Turning 32 isn’t necessarily a traditional big milestone that most people celebrate.  Especially after you reach a certain age, a birthday just becomes any other day.  No special than the day before or the day after.  But this birthday was definitely a MILESTONE for me in so many ways……

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    Yoga + Beer = I’m in!

      I recently moved to Santa Monica a couple of months ago and I’m always looking for new experiences.  One of the sites that I usually check out for things to do is Eventbrite.  It’s a great site that lists upcoming events from parties, club nights, art shows, beer/food crawl, business and professional events, to yoga classes.  You can easily…

  • beach waves into shore @ LouWeezyAnne
    About ME!

    Who is LOUWEEZYanne?

      LOUWEEZYanne is me! My real name is Louise Anne, though I usually go by just Louise.  Growing up, I had so many nicknames from LA, Lou, Weezy, Lulu, to Ley-ley.  I figured that if I somehow mashed them all together, they essentially added up to who I am today. But LOUWEEZYanne is more than just a compilation of my…