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About ME!

Who is LOUWEEZYanne?


LOUWEEZYanne is me! My real name is Louise Anne, though I usually go by just Louise.  Growing up, I had so many nicknames from LA, Lou, Weezy, Lulu, to Ley-ley.  I figured that if I somehow mashed them all together, they essentially added up to who I am today.

But LOUWEEZYanne is more than just a compilation of my past nicknames.  Rather it’s a growing collection of my food adventures, critiques, thoughts, learnings, sweaty workouts, and random experiences as I navigate towards a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Every day is an adventure as I balance my LOVE for FOOD while keeping a fit and healthy life.  Despite all the challenges, I have learned to embrace the imperfections for every day presents a new learning for me.  Hopefully, in turn, so can you.

As I said, the road will not be perfect, and maybe at times, it might not be pretty.  But, I can definitely guarantee that it will be delicious, honest, candid, straight-up, fun, and of course 100% authentically LOUWEEZYanne.


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